Shawn Manley

Often dubbed “the one man band” and once described as “the man with the golden voice” Shawn Manley, was born in San Diego, CA. and has grown up in the “music mecca” of Gainesville, Fl. where he currently works and resides. From an early age, Shawn was drawn to and exhibited a natural talent for the arts and music. These things came easy enough for him, that he was able to teach himself most of what he knows about playing guitar and music. Gifted his first guitar at age 15, he continues to blaze the rock and roll trail today with no sign of slowing down. He plays over 100 shows per year locally, statewide, and on occasion in other parts of the nation. Shawn started out like most aspiring, young, male musicians in a heavy local rock band called DyewyzE. He played his very first show with the band at local Gainesville rock and roll night club Eddie C’s, which would eventually become his home away from home, Backstage Lounge. After this first show, he continued to develop as a musician and in 2009 found musical fire with the Metallica tribute band Whiplash. 2011, saw more opportunity for Manley with an internet radio show on Grow Radio and the launching of a weekly open mic night at Backstage Lounge. Both of these incredible ventures got him deeper into the music scene, and connections to solidify his path in this business. He interviewed the intriguing, creative acts that he met through his connections at Backstage on his radio show and the two outlets for entertainment magically worked hand in hand making each remarkably successful. He blissfully tells the stories of working closely with Ed Waldick at Backstage and the most memorable interviews such as that of JBOT (Captured! By Robots) and the international punk sensation, Barb Wire Dolls. It was Ed Waldick that inspired the idea that Shawn become a solo artist. There was a band coming to Gainesville from Chicago, set to play Backstage Lounge. Ed needed an opening act so he gave Shawn a call, as fate would have it, Shawn’s entire band was unavailable to play that night. Ed asked if he might be able to do it solo, and the idea was born. Manley has continued on as a solo artist and he excels at it. He can make such big, full sounds using live looping techniques and keen attention to his mix. His on-stage gadgets allow him to play guitar, bass, organ, synthesizer, and percussion with no band-mates to offer a hand, but if you close your eyes you might imagine them there. His original music is a diverse blend of intricate melodies, unexpected rhythms, and tempo changes. From the epic, anthem invoking instrumentals or heavy, fun loving, highly lyrical sing-along songs, Shawn writes from the full spectrum. A couple of his tracks have been featured on “The Power Blend” compilation album released by Nook & Cranny Recordings in 2015 and if you can’t make it out to catch a local performance he has a few recorded and featured on YouTube. Currently, Shawn is actively gigging solo and fronting the popular, Gainesville band, The Remedy as well as running the open mic various open mic nights. His strong resonance with teaching has fueled him to take on music students as well; he has and does teach guitar, bass, and percussion as often as he can. Shawn’s debut album will be released later this year so be sure to watch for that to come available.



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