Joe Billy

I, like most musicians, have always had so much desire to write original music. I wanted to share my feelings and thoughts about the world in melody and rhythm and share it with others.

While Joe Billy is just me playing guitar and singing, I'm actually primarily a drummer. 
While drumming for various bands, I would always try to start side projects so I can sing for a punk band; punk rock being my most passionate outlet.
Things over-time never really worked out in that aspect. It's hard to find the right people, finding the commitment, finding the time, etc etc blah fuckity blah.

After a couple more years, I said to myself "fuck it, I'll try to play guitar so I can write my own songs."
After a while I got the hang of it (at least i think i did)
and here I am. 

My main desire and hope for the music I write is to not only entertain people around me, but to make them feel something, to make them think something; to provoke thought in someone, whether it be about themselves, a social issue, or opening their minds to the fucked up, yet also beautiful, world around them. 

Spreading a message of good will, peace, love, perspective and equality is a cornerstone of my entire being, and as a songwriter. 
I hope you find some sort of meaning somewhere in my art. 
Peace and Love to you all!



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